respects the environment.

The Enviroswim ES-3 freshwater is an innovative system with a unique eco-technology that uses simultaneously three disinfecting processes: electronic oxidising, ionisation and ultrasonics to annihilate bacteria, fungi and viruses from your pool.

The oxidation process removes all of the contaminants from the water that cause cloudy water. The oxidation process works whenever the pool pump and the filter are running. It uses a safe and low DC current that passes between six specially coated, long life titanium electrodes.

The ionization process is an applied residual technology that activates ionized minerals, copper and silver to produce clear, healthy water without using harsh chemicals. The required residual level of copper and silver introduced into the pool is well below acceptable drinking water standards, making it a safe residual sanitizer.

The Ultrasonics helps to improve the water quality by preventing and removing existing scale. This process improves the efficiency and reduces the operating costs of the pool filtration/circulation and heating equipment.

Whether small or large pools, Enviroswim guarantees perfectly pure water, certified as potable by the accredited laboratories which have tested it.


HEALTHY for your family and the environment:

You swim in fresh and pure water (meets drinking water standards):

– does not dry out the skin
– does not irritate the eyes
– does not cause allergies or asthma since the chloramines have disappeared
– does not discolour the swimsuits
– eliminates odours of chlorine in the air and taste of chlorine in the water



You do not need to store chemical products, with all the attendant handling risks.



Installation is swift and use is simple and intuitive.


– you drastically reduce the costs of chemicals

– you reduce the cost of consumables since the oxidation electrodes have a lifetime of 8-10 years

– you consume 50% less energy because the device is so powerful that it only requires 1 hour of operation per 10 m3

– you avoid corrosion problems. Salt is well known to be corrosive. With the ENVIROSWIM system, your pool does not undergo corrosion, since there is no salt necessary for disinfection (in case of too low conductivity, a substantial addition will be necessary)


The ES-3 system is the only Australian water purification system to receive world-renowned industry accreditation. The ES-3 system received NSF certification in 2009.


– Its unique and patented technology has been designed with the support of the Australian government.

Verified by NATA certified laboratories in Australia and abroad
Certified by NATA laboratories as being more effective and quicker to act than chlorine


* ES-3 process meets NSF drinking water standards



Pure, fresh crystal clear water